The villa belonging to the Irene tavern is located 30 meters from the sea and at the same time from the beach and the tavern, half a minute walk.
The villa has 9 double luxury rooms ( one is for disabled people) and 6 luxury apartments!

the place to eat

“Taverna Irene”, was opened in the year 2000 by Kostas Melissopoulos which is the owner. You will find him always working side by side with his employees, asking if you need something else, answering your needs the best he can.
Due to his experience and his extraordinary team, you will be welcomed in a warm and familiar atmosphere, where you will have the chance to serve the best food for all the tastes (vegetarians included), drink the house wines or the traditional drinks “ouzo” or “tipouro”, homemade or from different regions of Greece.
For our guests we offer 10 % discount for every meal served at the Tavern Irene!

Thassos is one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean that combines the green of pines and olive trees with the blue of sea and unique sandy beaches. Since ancient times was a place where the arts and letters flourished. Dionysus the god of joy and wine was worshiped in the Island that is full of ancient monuments.

In recent decades tourism has given a unique touch to the island that become a favorite holiday destination without distorting its natural beauty and hospitality.